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About us

Thomas Bees

We are a small family run beekeeping business located in the Anykščiai district, spanning many generations. For us, bees and honey are not just what we do as an occupation – it is our passion!

We use traditional Lithuanian beekeeping techniques and methods at our apiary and our business has grown and developed into what it is today through our love and care for nature. The buzzing hive colonies have been a great way to form closer bonds between different generations in our family. Grandparents and grand children working alongside each other in the apiary, as well as other areas of our farm, has been a wonderful way to keep our family ties strong.

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The district of Anykščiai is rich with pine forests, natural meadows and cultivated fields. The extraordinary variety of melliferous plants  is what ensures our excellent taste and the highest quality Lithuanian honey. Our honey production is entirely natural – this allows our honey to keep all of its most beneficial properties. We do not use any additives or additional processing methods and our honey is extracted and stored on site at the apiary. This type of natural production sets us apart from any honey you will find on supermarket shelves. We aim to provide the most organic ‘’Tomas’s bees’’ honey that is delicious, fragrant and boasts a plethora of health benefits which cannnot be found  in commercially produced honey. Our goal is to supply the highest quality honey out there!

‘‘Tomas‘s bees‘‘ honey and its other products including pollen, bee bread and our speciality freeze-dried fruit honey are approved by both Lithuanian and European honey enthusiasts. The continous customer support has ensured we can provide the most sustainable product possible, while still using traditional beekeeping methods.

‘‘Tomas‘s bees‘‘ aims to provide the best honey on the market. If you would like to provide any feedback on our honey or arent fully satisfied with our product, please get in touch using the email below.

We hope you love our honey as much as we do!